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This community is only for people who have no lives. If you have a life, we do not want you here, thanks. If you do not have a life, and know nothing of these "lives" of which people speak, please proceed.

About The Community: We have no lives. We want to connect with others who have no lives as well, so that we can share in the human condition, or some preposterously pretentious goal like that. This does not mean that we're of the undead. Well, maybe it means we're not of the undead. That all depends on who you talk to.

Da Rules

1) Please respect LJ's TOS. They make us say that.

2) Long stuff and pictures behind an LJ cut. Since we don't have lives we check our flists a lot and we like it to run nice and smoooth.

3) You can talk about anything here, anything at all. What your llama ate for breakfast, that weird toe hair that somehow went blonde, how angry you are at the boss on level 12 of Donkey Kong, why you really love Skeletor's ripply biceps, what you think should have happened at the end of that one book series. It's all good.

4) You can put up pictures and images if you like, but if it's big it goes behind a cut. We repeat things because repetition helps us learn. Big pictures behind a cut, please. See? You're already learning!

Your Moderators, both lacking in lives, are:

collie_wing :B
vorpalmuse :B

Have a nice non-life!
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